Almost 2023?! Goes by so fast.
Well it is almost 2023 and the Xmas season is upon us.  Of 
course nobody knows what to get anyone and shopping time is 
running out fast.  Noelle's birthday is coming up next week 
and she deserves some fun after the last couple of months she 
has had.  College advertisements are coming in for Cooper 
because this is his senior year.  Looks like he will go to the 
community college and spend some time working toward a 
transfer degree focused on education.  Keifer is out on his 
own and doing okay, just figuring out what the world has in 
store for him.  Chris, Jasmine, and Salem are doing fine in 
southern AZ.  Wish they were closer to be able to spend some 
quality Xmas time.  Guess there is Facetime nowadays, so 
there's that.

Posted on December 03, 2022

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