Cooper Erik Linden 11/2/04

This is a profile shot of the baby. We got to see his cute little nose, probably like Mom's! This is our "proof" it's another boy, sorry Grammy!
His heartbeat is usually around 140 which according to old wives tale means it's a boy!

The Husband's Story
(He swears that it's the truth.)

     Okay here is the rundown.  Noelle (mom) woke Erik (dad) to tell him that her water broke at 1:00am on 11-2-04.  Erik freaked, and unlike every other day, jumped out of bed.  Erik got dressed and got the kids going and the bags ready, while Noelle got dressed and posted on Babyzone.  Who do you think the calm one was?  Since I am writing this, it of course was the dad.

     We loaded the kids in the car, made the necessary phone calls, and took the older brothers over to Grandpa's.  He was extremely disappointed that he had to baby sit instead of going to the birth.  I know the smile was just because the baby was on its way.  Grandma said she would come with Noelle's sister.  The sister of course had to get all prettied up.  Wouldn't want the new baby (or young doctors) to see her looking less than her best.

     The drive in got kind of scary.  First, dad was driving, and in his oh so calm state, he managed to keep the speed below 90 most of the time.  Of course the panicking mother didn't help by telling the calm husband that her contractions were only three minutes apart.  Well we made it, and Noelle delivered a beautiful baby boy named Cooper Erik Linden.  That's enough of my lies.  You should ask Noelle for the whole story, but personally I think she is biased against me.

The Wife's Truth

Well, I went to bed after watching a little bit of the 10 o'clock news. And around 1am my water broke. I woke Erik up, and he did get up and get moving. I was pretty nervous, especially once the contractions started. They were coming quicker than I'd like. Erik did great getting me to the hospital on time and reassuring me in the car. It was a harder labor for me this time, and at 8:50 a.m. Cooper Erik Linden was born, our Election Day baby. Mom and baby are doing fine. We really appreciate everyone's good wishes and support. Thank you very much to all who helped deliver Coop and welcome him on his birthday!! 

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